More About 2Lock

2Lock (formally, Nana Fynn) has been seen by many as a sleeping reggae giant. It is a well established fact that he is not known for his exploits in Reggae as much as it is for hilife music (Ghanaian music mainstay genre). He is one of the few acts in the world who can switch genre at the snap of a finger. 2Lock is a virtuoso with an energetic stage act and presence with a height of 6ft;2 .Very few individuals home and abroad know his reggae exploits. Asked why he retorted in local pigeon English (dem always dey promote the hilife ones. Ibi the industry ooh Charley);The reggae industry he intends to take by storm. After seven albums and 8 singles 2lock (Nana Fynn) feels its time to show his other side when it comes to reggae music. His passion for reggae pushed him to form his reggae band even while he was in school. After school, he also joined a Afro reggae band, sensi (defunct) He later joined Local Krysis.  but the band broke up after a couple of years. Determined to make a mark in music and also put food on the table he made a statement by releasing a hilife /reggae album. Ankwansema (a lovers rock track rendered in his mother tongue Fante) the title track was an instant hit across Ghana and some west African countries. That album saw the birth of an artist who had every indication that is going to be around for a long time. Born as Nana Fynn Edwin Acquaah-Harrison to a family of musicians he schooled himself well in the music in early years. His father Mr. Acquaah-Harrison was a music lecturer at the national Academy of music in Winneba Ghana and later at the Lagos state University in Nigeria.


He was later sent to Lagos to continue his education because his mother Gloria Acquaah-Harrison, a teacher had also migrated to Nigeria. It was here in Lagos that he honed in on his musical skills. At age 7 he was Already a child prodigy on guitar. People say he could play the guitar on his head. So in the streets of Surulere, his name was simply ‘Guitar Boy”. Always seen with a musical instrument, he was playing the keyboard and the bass guitar by the age or 12. 2Lock(Nana Fynn) a song writer and a performing artist music producer and sound engineer and has been doing this for more than a decade. He is also 21 time nominee and 6 time winner at Ghana music awards and Bass Awards. 2Lock( Nana Fynn) is a constant name in the nominee list for best hilife song, best reggae song, best album, best producer and the best
vocal performance categories. He has undoubtedly warn for himself the adoration and monitoring aura around him and many artists who work with him or come around his studio. Have monitored acts like Sarkodie, B Rose, Baafowa, Luciya, Anita Obeng, and worked with the likes of Shasha Marley, David Oscar, Blakk Rasta, local krysis just to mention a few. Reggae music is cooking and it will soon be breakfast. I guess this EP has history written all
over it. I already Asked why he is doing a solely reggae EP. He said simply with a grin “now I can promote my reggae songs as well as I can. I am no longer signed to soul records, so now I decided which songs to record and which one to promote abi?”Among the songs he is currently recording include the reggae single “isnt she nice” released 4 years ago and others songs he’s been working on. As a perfectionist? He wont tie himself down with deadlines because as he says “The chef will have to finish his work before the master calls the dinner”